• The Benefits of Adding a Vanity to Your Bathroom

    Your bathroom is likely the room in your home where you get ready each day. Why not start off each day with a touch of elegance with a quartz or granite vanity near Baltimore ? Stand-alone sinks or laminate countertops can come across as drab and dreary. A new bathroom vanity with a quartz countertop or granite countertop will not only create a more luxurious space for you to get ready each day, but can also add to the functionality of your bathroom and the value of your home.

    Adding a vanity to your bathroom is a simple way to give your bathroom a whole new look. Without having to do major renovations, you can increase your home’s value and bring your bathroom up to date you a new bathroom vanity. Bathroom countertops, or vanity tops, made of quartz or granite slabs are durable and easy to clean. These materials are great choices for any room in your home, including the bathroom. Vanity bathroom

  • What Martha Stewart Has to Say about Quartz Countertops

    Martha Stewart knows a thing or two about interior design. Her opinions on everything from centerpieces to kitchen countertop materials are highly sought after when making household redesign choices. If you are curious about quartz countertops near Baltimore , you may be interested in hearing what Martha Stewart has to say about them.

    Watch this video for a look at Martha Stewart highlighting the many benefits of quartz countertops. When it comes to custom countertops, quartz offers advantages other materials just can’t match. From its natural durability and stain resistance to its easy maintenance, quartz is a smart choice for countertops.

  • Kitchen Makeover: Choosing New Countertops

    New kitchen countertops near Baltimore can give your kitchen a whole new look without the hassle of undergoing a total kitchen renovation. Depending on your kitchen makeover needs, new kitchen countertops will not only increase the visual appeal of your kitchen, but can also provide added function and durability. When it comes to choosing new countertops, there are a number of different decisions to be made. From color to size to cost, there are many factors that will be important in making a final call. One of the most important choices to make is finding the right material. While there are many materials to choose from for your new countertop installation, there are two materials that stand out above all else—quartz and granite. Continue reading to find out which material may be best for your new kitchen countertops. New countertop


    Quartz countertops consist of natural quartz mixed with resins for increased strength and durability. Quartz is naturally stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it an excellent choice for a kitchen countertop. Quartz is easily cleaned and requires little maintenance. It is an extremely durable material, meaning it will be long-lasting. Quartz is also a non-porous material, so you do not need to worry about bacteria in your kitchen. Quartz is available in a variety of colors, with white being the most popular. Even better, quartz countertops are resistant to heat, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen.


    Granite countertops can turn any kitchen into a luxurious, chef-approved workspace. Granite comes in a variety of colors, so there are options to match any existing kitchen designs or cabinets. Granite is a natural stone that is very durable and can be polished to give your kitchen a sparkling clean finish. With regular sealing, granite countertops are easy to maintain and keep clean. Granite is also heat-resistant and resistant to scratches, making it another great choice for any kitchen.

  • Deciding Between Granite and Quartz for Your Bathroom Design

    When planning a new bathroom design, selecting a bathroom countertop near Baltimore is as essential to your design as picking the flooring, the bathtub, the shower, and all of the bathroom accessories. Your bathroom countertop will need to be able to hold up against toothpaste, makeup, soap, and whatever else comes its way. Finding a durable material is important, but so is style. When it comes to selecting a durable, yet stunning bathroom countertop, look no further than granite and quartz. Both materials are widely popular in homes for many reasons. To find out why so many homeowners are selecting granite countertops or quartz countertops for their bathroom designs, read on. Granite bathroom countertops

    Why Pick Granite?

    Granite countertops are often considered a high-end choice and they can add value to your bathroom and home. Granite is a natural stone that is durable and resistant to damage. Granite countertops do require a sealant to be used, but most people find that with regular sealant applications, granite countertops are easy to clean and maintain. Since granite is a natural material, each slab can vary in uniformity. This means you’ll get a unique, one-of-a-kind look for your countertops. The stone is found in a variety of different colors, so finding a granite slab to match your bathroom design will be no problem.

    Why Pick Quartz?

    Quartz offers many of the same benefits as granite—it is strong and durable, comes in a variety of colors, is resistant to stains, and is available in different patterns. However, unlike granite, quartz is non-porous. This means that it does not need a sealant for easy cleaning. Quartz is also a little bit easier to install than granite, offering an added benefit when working in tight spaces such as the bathroom.

    How Do I Make the Right Choice?

    To make your final decision, determine which material you find more visually appealing and then evaluate your maintenance preferences. The choice you make will influence your bathroom décor for years to come, so you should choose the option that works best with your home design vision.