• Styling Your Kitchen Countertops

    Shopping for new kitchen countertops is one of the most exciting aspects of remodeling a kitchen. The right countertops can add character, style, and value to your kitchen, and indeed the rest of your home. In this short video clip from HGTV, you’ll hear some great tips for choosing the best countertops for your new kitchen.

    One way to have fun is to wrap the center countertop all the way around the island for a fresh, contemporary look. Another tip is to coordinate counters and cabinet colors. For instance, if you want lightly colored cabinetry, shop for a dark countertop, and vice versa. This contrast keeps cabinetry and countertops looking fresh while adding excitement in the kitchen.

    Visit a kitchen countertop showroom in Baltimore for help deciding which slab is perfect for you. A countertop design expert can help you choose the right material—be it granite, marble, or quartz—and think of fun and interesting ways to make your new countertops the centerpiece of your kitchen.

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  • A Look at Honed Granite

    If you’re looking for something a little different for your kitchen or bathroom, consider honed granite countertops. Granite is already the most demanded materials for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom thanks to its beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. Honed granite offers all of these benefits without the high shine thanks to its matte finish.

    With honed granite, the polishing process ends before buffing to create a low-gloss sheen that is quite opposite the highly reflective, mirror-like look of traditional granite. Honed granite countertops look great in kitchens or bathrooms that aspire for an aged or casual look.

    Visit a countertop showroom in Baltimore to compare honed granite and traditional granite countertops side by side. If you are in the process of remodeling, bring color samples to compare against honed granite and traditional granite slabs.

  • Services You Can Expect from Unlimited Stone

    Discount Granite Express is focused not only on installing custom countertops in Baltimore , but also on serving our customers on a timely basis and with a positive attitude. Whether you want granite countertops in your kitchen, a marble countertop in your bathroom, or a quartz countertop on your kitchen island, Discount Granite Express has what you need. Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect from Unlimited Stone.

    Discount Granite Express is available to give you an in-home consultation where we measure your kitchen or bathroom to give you an accurate estimate. During an in-home consultation, we will also be able to tell you more about the fabrication and installation involved for each of our products. Simply fill out our online form for a quick response within 24 hours, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. With over 200 colors and 420 varieties of natural stone and granite at Unlimited Stone, it can be a challenge to pick the right type and style for your home. Our design experts will assist you with this as well. We also provide fabrication, installation, and sealing services.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Granite

    There are many different types of granite countertops available, each of which offers a unique design for your kitchen or bathroom. At Unlimited Stone, we offer a wide selection of granite colors in Baltimore . Read on to learn more about the different types of granite colors available.


    This is an excellent color for your granite countertop if you want a classic white kitchen. It works especially well with warm-colored cabinets in pure white, warm white, or beige. Even stain-grade cabinets in walnut and medium oak look great with white granite. White granite countertops are also attractive when paired with nickel- or bronze-colored hardware, as this highlights the gray, cream, white, and deep red veining of the stone.

    granite colors Baltimore


    An earthy green shade of granite with overtones of gray or brown looks beautiful in the kitchen. In this shade of green, some of the markings in the stone are mesmerizing when exposed to natural light. Green granite looks wonderful when it’s polished and pairs well with painted cabinets as well as bronze, copper, and satin nickel hardware.


    While it varies from slab to slab, this type of granite usually reminds homeowners of ocean colors. This is what makes it match so nicely with white cabinets. The green-blue color palette matches well with nickel fixtures and hardware, stain-grade cabinets, and plenty of natural light.


    Black granite is striking in just about any kitchen. Many homeowners like the contrast created by pairing white cabinets with polished black granite. Painted cabinets in just about any color will pair well with this granite color, as well as hardware in bronze, chrome, or nickel. If you are pairing your black granite with stain-grade cabinets, you can create a terrific style with walnut or medium oak.


    The red veining in some types of granite are typically very dark, like red wine. This leads many people to say that the granite has Bordeaux veining. Bordeaux granite looks fantastic with kitchen flooring that has subtle red undercurrents.

  • Important Facts About Kitchen Countertops

    There are a number of things to keep in mind as you look for the perfect kitchen countertop. At Discount Granite Express, we offer an excellent selection of natural stone countertops near Baltimore . For some tips that will help you choose the best kitchen countertop, watch this video clip.

    Consider how you use your countertops. Do you have kids at home that make a mess? Are you looking for something attractive above all else? How willing are you to maintain your countertops regularly? This information will help you select the type of material that will work best as a kitchen countertop. Marble and granite countertops, for example, require routine maintenance but they are durable and beautiful. Call Discount Granite Express for more advice on what to consider while you shop for kitchen countertop options.