Exploring the Granite Countertop Installation Process

At Discount Granite Express, we are proud to offer a great selection of custom countertops in Baltimore . We can even install your granite countertops for you. To learn more about the process of selecting, fabricating, and installing a granite countertop, read on.

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Consultation and Selection

The first step in the granite countertop installation process is calling a granite countertop company and scheduling a time for them to come to your home for an estimate. They will measure your cabinets, vanities, or countertops to get an idea for what will be involved in the installation process. Then you will have to choose a type of granite. At Unlimited Stone, we have more than 200 colors and 420 types of natural stone and granite.

Template and Fabrication

Before we begin the fabrication of your granite countertops , we make sure that measurements and templates are taken of your new countertop. We complete this step without removing your current countertops. Measurements and details such as appliance openings are carefully noted. After this, we begin the fabrication process, which can take up to two weeks. We will bring the granite into your home in a sequence. First, we cut large blocks of the stone into small pieces, also known as slabs. Then we shape the slab and polish it to prepare it for installation in your home.

Installation and Sealing

Installing a new granite countertop in a home usually takes us between two to five hours for normal projects. For large, complex projects it can take an entire day. When installing the granite, we will hold the granite in place using a special epoxy. If the epoxy is at a granite seam, we mix it with colored resin so that it blends perfectly with the granite. We also apply silicone between the slabs to allow for contraction and expansion. After the installation process, we carefully clean the installation area and seal the granite.