• Touring This Year’s Most Popular Countertop Materials

    Are you thinking of replacing your kitchen countertop near Baltimore ? When you choose to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is your new countertop material. Today, you can have a countertop designed from copper, stainless steel, tile, cement, zinc, recycled glass, or plastic laminate to name just a few of your options. Here, we’ll discuss three of this year’s most popular bathroom and kitchen countertop materials: soapstone, granite, and quartz. granite kitchen


    A natural stone made mostly of mineral talc, soapstone gets its name from its smooth, soap-like texture. This stone is usually seen in hues of gray which darken over time and sometimes have quartz graining. Soapstone is durable and resistant to heat, stains, chemicals, and bacteria, making it ideal for kitchen countertops. This material is softer than other stones, making it vulnerable to scratches and nicks, but soapstone is also chemically neutral which protects it against damage from acidic foods like lemons and tomatoes.


    Known for its unique grains and variety of colors, granite is a stone riddled with character and natural beauty. With so much variety, the price range for granite can be broad. Granite is commonly seen in browns and creams, but more exotic colors include blues, greens, reds, pinks, and blacks. Costs increase depending on how rare a stone’s color or type is, and how difficult it is to work with and cut. Granite is also favored for its durability, being scratch resistant and nearly invulnerable to wear when properly sealed. Once you find a slab that you would love for your granite kitchen countertop, buy it and secure it as yours because it’s one of a kind.

    Engineered Quartz

    Among the most customizable options for countertops, engineered quartz can be found in almost any color or shade, and can be made with a variety of patterns and finishes. The material is composed mostly of natural quartz and is mixed with resins and pigments. Because of its high quartz content, engineered quartz is similar in durability to granite, and is also non-allergenic, non-toxic, and easy to maintain.

  • Color Ideas for Granite Countertops

    granite countertop in baltimore When you are doing a kitchen renovation, one of the best ways to improve your space is to add a granite countertop to it. Granite is a natural stone that is very durable, and it will make your kitchen look brand new again. However, when it comes to choosing a granite countertop in Baltimore , you may struggle to pick which color you want since there are a variety of choices. Here are just a few of the many colors that might look great in your renovated kitchen.


    One of the first things you will notice when you look at a granite countertop is that it is never one solid color, so a “white” granite countertop will not actually be pure white. Instead, it will be white and feature flecks of stone throughout the surface of it. This will really help it pop when you pair it with cherry wood cabinets. Natural stone countertops in white will also make smaller spaces appear larger than they really are.

    Black or Gray

    Are you looking to make your kitchen look more contemporary? If so, a black or even gray granite countertop is probably the best way for you to go. If you decide to go with a black countertop, you should consider making your kitchen cabinets a lighter color to provide some contrast to the room.

    Brown or Beige

    If you don’t like the look of dark countertops but still want the contemporary appearance that they provide, a brown or beige granite countertop will likely do the trick for you . You can pair either color with slightly darker cabinets and achieve a very modern and elegant look.

    Red or Blue

    If you plan on moving within the next few years, you might not want to go with a bold granite countertop that is red or blue. It could scare some potential homebuyers away. When you pair one of these colors with light cabinets and a neutral paint color, though, it will be very dramatic. You will definitely make a statement with your kitchen’s new countertops.

  • Styling Your New Bathroom Countertop

    bathroom countertops in baltimore Once upon a time, people didn’t put a whole lot of thought into which bathroom countertop they installed in their home. Bathroom countertops were often created using cheap materials that didn’t hold up for very long. Discount Granite Express is here to show you that you can install bathrooms countertops in Baltimore that will give your bathroom a high-end look and fit in with the feel of the rest of your home.

    These days, you can customize your bathroom any way you want and add a bathroom countertop made of almost any natural stone . The same granite slabs that you are used to seeing in kitchens can be used to create beautiful bathroom countertops. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind vanity tops using many different stones like granite and quartz. You can pick out the stone, the color, and even the edges that are cut into the stone. It will completely change the look of your bathroom during your next renovation, and you will be blown away by the large selection Discount Granite Express has to offer.

  • How to Clean Granite Countertops

    Investing in a granite countertop is a great way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, but once you have one installed, you’ll need to keep it clean. Fortunately, taking care of a granite countertop in Baltimore is not difficult at all. Watch this video to find out a few tips for cleaning granite countertops from the owner of a cleaning service company.

    Like most countertops, you can clean granite countertops simply by using a sponge and a few drops of dish soap on a regular basis. This will keep them clean and kill the bacteria and germs that gather on granite kitchen countertops. You can also use products made specifically for cleaning a granite countertop as well as other natural stone countertops. Look for these products and use them often to help your granite maintain its shine.