Choosing the Right Edge for Your Countertop

kitchen countertop baltimore Before you purchase a new kitchen countertop , you should carefully consider what kind of stone you want it to be made out of and what color will complement the rest of the room. But you should also think about what kind of edge your natural stone countertops in Baltimore will have, because different edges can give off completely different looks. Check out some of the edges that will be available when you look at new kitchen countertops.


Do you want your kitchen countertop to look modern and clean? A standard squared edge might be best for you. There’s nothing fancy about a squared edge as it’s easily the most basic of the countertop edges, but it will allow you to make a strong statement with your natural stone countertops. It’s also the most affordable option, which is why it’s one of the most popular edges .


While a squared edge creates very distinct lines in a kitchen, an eased edge rounds those lines off and softens everything just a bit. It’s a very small and subtle change, but it can make a space feel much more warm and inviting. It also eliminates sharp corners throughout the kitchen, which could be a big benefit for many parents.


An eased edge may round off the top edges of your kitchen countertop, but it will not get rid of the lines in your kitchen completely since the bottom of your countertops will still feature straight lines. The bullnose edge takes things a step further by rounding off the entire edge of the countertop. It’s a terrific idea to install this kind of edge in a more traditional kitchen.


Some people might not immediately notice the difference between a squared edge and an eased edge, but there’s no mistaking the ogee edge when you see it. It has a curved edge that adds a great design element to the mix. Like the bullnose edge, it looks best in a traditional kitchen and works especially well on kitchen islands.