Design Tips for Master Bathrooms

When you are designing your master bathroom, consider the many features you will need to incorporate into your design. Cabinets, paint, decorative items, and bathroom countertops in Baltimore are the main items you’ll need to complete your bathroom. If you’re at a loss for ideas—whether for your whole bathroom design or just a bathroom countertop —consider these tips to get started. bathroom remodel

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is a wonderful and understated way to take breaths away. You can install a large, white tub with a long white granite vanity top and white walls. For a splash of color, use paint to add accents on the walls, or keep a fresh potted plant in between the sinks of a dual vanity.

Go Back in Time

Do you yearn for another time and place? Take your bathroom back in time to the Victorian Era with a claw-foot tub, dark colors, and a classic bathroom vanity. Cover your windows with long, flowing drapes to create an ethereal effect.

Create an Oasis

You can bring your favorite tropical locale to your bathroom through the design choices you make. Paint your walls in a light tan or green and accent your master bathroom with blue and orange cushions and decorations. Bring in some potted palms for the corners, or even in your walk-in shower. You can also use granite slabs with blue accents and enhance your bathroom countertop with a vase full of sand and seashells. Look into stained and broken glass mirrors and fixtures, as well. These beautiful additions will have anyone thinking they walked into a tropical oasis.

Brighten It Up

Sometimes, the best way to create a place of relaxation is to brighten it up with happy and cheerful colors. Bright or pastel blues, pinks, and oranges can cover your walls or simply accent your countertops and walls through decorative pieces. No matter your favorite color, there is a beautiful countertop material, paint, or cabinet to match it.