• A Look at the Process of Countertop Installation

    Homeowners who are considering new vanity tops or kitchen countertops near Baltimore may be curious about the installation process. When you choose to work with a professional contractor, you’ll find that there are several essential steps involved in the installation of new kitchen countertops.



    After speaking to a contractor, a countertop installation expert will perform an in-home consultation. This process involves measuring your current countertops and cabinets to gain some baseline dimensions. At this time, it’s ideal to ask any questions that you have about the countertop fabrication and installation process. Once you have hashed out an initial plan with your contractor, he will prepare a price estimate that covers the entire process and accounts for your choice of kitchen or bathroom countertop material.


    When you are ready to move forward with the countertop installation after agreeing on a project estimate, the next step will be countertop selection. This involves narrowing down your choice of simply quartz, granite, or another material to a specific color, pattern, or slab. Some countertop companies will have their own showroom for you to peruse, and others may direct you to a wholesaler. If opting for granite, you’ll have a wide variety of types and colors from which to select. If you decide to go with quartz, you’ll choose from a range of solid colors or patterns that can replicate natural stone.


    Once you have decided on a material, the fabrication process can begin. At this stage, your contractor will re-measure your bathroom or kitchen countertop to gain specific measurements and create templates. Next, the templates will be used to fabricate the individual countertop pieces, or cut them from your stone slab of choice.


    In most cases, your installation team will spend about half a day at your home to complete your countertop installation. Your old counters will be carefully disassembled and removed, and your new countertops will be put in their place. Because the installation’s timeframe will depend on the complexity your project, ask your contractor for an estimate regarding the final stage of your new countertop installation.

  • Features to Look for in a Bathroom Countertop

    If you’re remodeling your bathroom or are considering new vanity countertops to enhance the room’s appearance, you may be wondering what to look for in bathroom countertops in Baltimore. Choosing the right features and materials for your bathroom design can transform this space into a beautiful and enjoyable area of your home.


    Elegant Appearance

    Luckily, there are plenty of bathroom countertop materials available that can add luxury and beauty to your vanity. Granite is among the most popular choices for bathrooms due to the unique appearance and wide range of colors found in these natural stone countertops. No two granite slabs are alike, meaning that your vanity top will be one of a kind. Solid-surface countertops are made primarily of acrylic and polyester and are popular due to their seamless installation and number of color and pattern options. Marble countertops provide classic elegance and are adaptable to a variety of bathroom styles.

    Minimal Upkeep

    Quartz countertops are incredibly durable, making them scratch-resistant and low-maintenance. Luckily, any scratches these surfaces incur can often be repaired with a gentle buffing using a fine-grade sandpaper. These qualities make quartz a compromising material that performs similarly to both natural stone and solid-surface. Additionally, quartz surfaces can tolerate high heat levels, meaning that they won’t be damaged by curling irons or similar bathroom accessories. Similarly, granite’s hard surface will remain stain- and scratch-resistant, provided it is regularly sealed.

    Affordable Cost

    You will find that there is a broad range of costs per square foot when it comes to bathroom countertop options, meaning that there is a material to accommodate nearly any budget. Marble’s beauty comes with a matching price, with its cost ranging from about $125 to $150 per square foot. Granite’s pricing tends to correlate with the rareness of the particular color you’re considering, and its cost often falls between $50 and $100 per square foot. Solid-surface countertops fall into this price range as well. Quartz tends to run a bit higher in cost and may range from $60 to $100 per square foot.

  • Granite Maintenance 101

    A granite countertop can go a long way in making your kitchen or bathroom look stunning, but your granite countertops near Baltimore need to be maintained. To keep your granite looking beautiful and stunning as the first day you bought it, here are a few tips. kitchen - countertops

    Make Sure It’s Sealed

    Whether you have a bathroom or kitchen countertop, make sure your granite has been, and continues to be, properly sealed. Applying a granite sealant, about once or twice a year, will go a long way toward preserving your granite. The sealant will prevent stains and etching from damaging the granite. To check if you have sealant, or need more of it, put a few drops of water on the granite. When properly sealed, the water will bead up and won’t penetrate the countertop. If the water is absorbed, you should apply a granite sealant. The sealant should easily spray or wipe onto the granite. Always be sure to follow the label’s instructions clearly.

    Keep it Clean

    For your granite kitchen countertops or flooring, it’s best to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. As soon as a spill occurs, clean it up to avoid staining the granite. Be careful with what cleaning product you use, as certain kinds might be too abrasive and can scratch the granite. Use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water when cleaning your countertop. Use a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner for your floors. If something spills on the floor, use the same method you would with your countertops.

    Take Care of Stains Immediately

    Your granite countertops may get stained occasionally, especially if you don’t have a proper seal on them. Granite is a porous material and will absorb liquids easily and probably stain. If the stain is oil-based, make a paste of hydrogen peroxide, water, and flour. Spread the paste over the stain, put some plastic wrap on it, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, use a sponge and warm water to remove the paste. If the stain is water-based, douse the stain in hot water, place layers of paper towels over it, and remove it the next morning.

  • Visiting a Granite Yard

    The time has come to select your new kitchen countertop, and you have the opportunity to visit a granite yard. Enjoy this exciting time selecting your custom countertops in Baltimore, and watch the video for some tips.

    When you visit a granite yard, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared to spend an hour or more selecting your granite slabs. If you can, visit your granite shop’s website to see a sample of colors you’d like to inspect. This can save you some time searching. Also, whether this granite is for a bathroom or kitchen countertop, bring a sample of the room’s cabinets or color scheme. This will help you to keep an open-mind about which color or design will look right in your home.

  • Spotlight on Bathroom Vanity Tops

    When you enter your bathroom, one of the first items you look at is the bathroom countertop. The mirror is attached to it, along with the sink. It’s typically one of the bigger items in a bathroom. So if your countertop is a focal point, why not make it memorable? Stylish vanity tops near Baltimore are a hot commodity that will impress everyone who enters your bathroom, even you.

    When you’re contemplating your bathroom vanity top, you might picture something simple and plain. With various options within quartz and granite countertops, you can picture so much more. No matter what color is your favorite, there is most likely a quartz color to appease you. If you’re looking for something different and unexpected, try out a granite countertop. Granite slabs never look the same, so you’ll be in for an exciting adventure if you choose granite. No matter your choice for a bathroom countertop, be sure to make it a memorable site for everyone who sees it, especially you.

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  • Spotlight on Stone Countertops

    When you do a kitchen or bathroom remodel in your home, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what kind of countertops to install . There are many different types to choose from, but stone countertops have become the most popular amongst many homeowners and for good reason. When you install a stone kitchen or bathroom countertop serving Baltimore, it will look great and provide you with years of service thanks to its durability. Here are a few things you should know before you select a quartz or granite countertop for your home. stone - countertops

    Stone countertops are built to last.

    Unlike other kinds of kitchen and bathroom countertops that will need to be replaced every decade or so, stone countertops will likely outlast the life of your home. Many stone countertops will last for well over 100 years and, if you ever run into an issue with one, you can usually repair it. You can also have your stone countertops refinished over the years to bring them back to life. When you invest in a quartz or granite countertop, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to replace it any time in the near future.

    Stone countertops will be the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom.

    While it’s important to install high quality cabinets and flooring in kitchens and bathrooms to complement your countertops, your countertops are going to be the first thing people see in those rooms. If you cut corners when installing them or choose a material other than stone, it will set the wrong tone for your entire kitchen or bathroom. By installing stone countertops, you will ensure that people will be blown away by how great they look when they walk into your home.

    Stone countertops will improve the value of your home.

    Natural stone countertops aren’t cheap. You will likely need to invest at least a few thousand dollars into them, depending on the size of your kitchen or bathroom. However, bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops made out of stone will be worth the investment because they will increase your home’s value.

  • Comparing Granite and Quartz Countertops

    When people think of quartz, their minds might go to a crystal quartz necklace, but quartz has become a very popular choice in custom countertops. However, granite is still a top contender for a custom kitchen countertop. If you’re considering a granite versus quartz countertop near Baltimore, here are some comparisons to keep in mind. granite - quartz - countertops


    When it comes to regular maintenance, quartz might take the prize. It doesn’t require a sealant like granite and other stone countertops. It’s also more durable than every other stone countertop. It’s very unlikely to suffer etching, scratches, or chips. Granite is very simple to clean, as well, but it should be sealed at least once a year, if not twice. Once the seal is applied, the granite won’t stain or scratch. If it does stain, it’s easy to clean with warm water and soap.

    Heat and Stain Resistance

    Quartz is non-porous which means it’s not susceptible to absorbing liquids and staining materials. Quartz can resist stains of all kinds, including cooking oils, acidic fruits and juices, and coffee. It is also a safer solution for the cook who prepares directly on the kitchen countertop. Quartz is unaffected by raw food and leftover stains, which prevents bacteria buildup. Also, a quartz countertop resists heat; you can put a hot plate on it, and when you take it away, the countertop won’t be hot. As long as granite is sealed properly, it will resist stains and scratches effectively. It has a high heat resistance so it won’t suffer burns or marks if a hot dish is left on the countertop.


    Quartz has more variety than every other natural stone countertop. It’s easier to match your quartz countertop to the style or color scheme you already have in your kitchen. Granite has several color variations, but every slab is different, which makes any sort of customization difficult.


    Granite tends to cost more to install and maintain, but quartz prices may vary depending on where you purchase it. Consult with your custom countertop store to help with your decision.

  • Getting to Know Your New Quartz Countertops

    While granite countertops have become very popular amongst homeowners, quartz countertops have also enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last few years. If you have recently installed a quartz countertop, you should know that you made a great decision. By installing a quartz countertop near Baltimore , you will get to enjoy all the benefits that come along with it. Check out some of the things you should know about your new quartz countertops below. quartz - countertops

    Quartz countertops are incredibly durable and come in a range of colors.

    A quartz countertop is not made in the same way that a granite countertop is made. Granite is quarried and then cut into slabs that are used to create countertops. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are made up of about 93 percent quartz and 7 percent resin binder and color additives. Despite this, quartz is every bit as hard and durable as granite, but you can get a quartz countertop in just about any color that you want. That isn’t always the case when it comes to granite and other natural stones.

    Quartz countertops are non-porous.

    Some stone surfaces, like granite, are porous. Because of this, they need to be sealed about once every year to prevent liquids from seeping into them and creating blemishes. Quartz countertops, however, are non-porous, which means that you won’t ever have to worry about a liquid getting down into your countertop and staining it. You can spill water or another liquid on a quartz countertop, and it will sit on the top of the surface until you remove it.

    Quartz countertops don’t require much maintenance.

    Since quartz countertops aren’t porous, you won’t have to do much to maintain them once you have them installed. By wiping them down with a basic kitchen or bathroom cleaner once every day, you can keep your quartz countertop looking like new, and it will last you for years to come. Quartz countertops are only going to increase in popularity in the coming years as more and more homeowners find out about the benefits of installing them in their kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Why Granite and Quartz Are Tops for Kitchens

    A granite or quartz countertop used to be far too expensive for the average homeowner, but granite and quartz have both become a lot more affordable in recent years. Watch this video to see why you should think about having a granite or quartz countertop installation serving Baltimore done today.

    A granite or quartz countertop will look great once it is installed in your kitchen. Both types of stone are very durable and will add value to your home. Granite usually requires a bit more maintenance than quartz does, but both natural stone countertops are fairly easy to maintain. When you choose to install granite or quartz in your kitchen, you will be making an excellent investment, and it probably won’t cost nearly as much as you might think it would to get such a beautiful quartz countertop installed.

  • Upgrade Your Kitchen with New Counters

    Does your kitchen look outdated? You can update the space and make it look new again by having a beautiful stone kitchen countertop installed. Specifically, a granite or quartz countertop can rejuvenate your kitchen and make you fall in love with it again. Discount Granite Express LLC can help you pick out and install new kitchen countertops in Baltimore.

    When you come to our showroom, we will allow you to take a look at plenty of new kitchen countertop options. Whether you love granite or quartz countertops, we carry a wide selection and can assist you as you pick out the one you want. We know the benefits of installing natural stone countertops and can tell you all about them. We can also teach you about maintaining natural stone. Once you have made your decision, we will take all the measurements in your kitchen and have our craftsmen install your new kitchen countertop for you. By working with Discount Granite Express, you can upgrade your kitchen with your new countertop and add a lot of value to your home.

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