Dispelling Myths About Granite Countertops

Installing a granite countertop in your kitchen can dramatically improve the look and feel of it and increase the value of your home as a whole. Before you order granite kitchen countertops in Baltimore though, you should familiarize yourself with granite so that you know exactly what to expect from your investment. There are many myths out there about granite countertops. Check out a few of them below and get some information on why they aren’t necessarily true. Granite counter tops

“Granite countertops are indestructible.”

When you install a granite countertop in your kitchen, you will be getting one of the hardest countertops known to man. This means you will be able to do just about anything without worrying about damaging your granite. However, granite countertops aren’t 100 percent indestructible, and it’s important for you to remember that you can chip or crack granite if you aren’t somewhat careful with your countertops. Corner pieces in particular are susceptible to being damaged if they come into contact with another very hard object.

“Granite countertops are heat resistant.”

For the most part, your granite countertop will be able to withstand very high temperatures, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel free to put hot pots and pans on it as you please. Depending on the color of your granite, you may experience some discoloration if you place a hot item down on it. You can also weaken the granite if you place a hot item on it and cause it to heat up very quickly. When possible, it’s always a good idea to place hot pots and pans on trivets to eliminate the risk associated with putting them directly on granite.

“Granite countertops need to be sealed annually.”

This isn’t necessarily a myth, because most granite countertops do need to be sealed to prevent liquids from seeping into them. But you should speak with your granite installers about how often you need to seal your specific granite countertop. You may not need to reseal your granite kitchen countertops as often as you think, which will eliminate some of your maintenance of them.