Granite Counter Maintenance: Preventing Scratches, Stains, and Other Damage

When you are seeking new kitchen countertops that will provide your home with the ultimate in luxury and style, you may want to plan a new granite countertop installation. As one of the top kitchen materials available, granite countertops are a durable and attractive choice for your home design. After your countertop installation in Baltimore is complete, it will be up to you to perform proper care and maintenance for your granite countertops. By taking the steps needed to maintain your granite slabs, you can help them remain in beautiful condition. Here is a quick look at some of the essentials of granite counter maintenance. maintenance

Seal Your Countertops

One of the most important steps of granite counter maintenance is to seal your countertops on a regular basis. When your granite countertops are first installed, your technicians will take the time to apply a protective seal to the surface of your granite. This sealant will cover the natural porous surface of the stone. To help make sure that your countertop remains intact, you should take the time to seal your granite counters at least once a year.

Use Approved Cleaning Solutions

Along with sealing your counters at least once a year, you will want to clean your granite countertops using an approved cleaning solution on a daily basis. Cleaners that are too harsh or abrasive can cause scratches, stains, and other unsightly issues on the surface of your countertops. A gentle cleanser, such as a mixture of water and dish soap, is all that you will need to keep your countertops clean and looking great.

Clean Stains Immediately

A final step of countertop maintenance is to clean up stains as soon as they occur. If you leave spilled substances to sit on the surface of your countertops for too long, you can create a permanent stain on the surface of your granite. To clean up staining substances, you can use a paste that is made of baking soda and water to soak up the spill.