Taking Care of Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are beautiful and durable enough to enhance every aspect of your kitchen décor. They require very little maintenance to maintain their original aesthetic appeal and condition. If you want to increase the value of your home with these new countertops, use the following tips to properly care for them:

Get the Granite Sealed

While granite slabs are incredibly strong, they are still susceptible to stains. When you get your granite counters installed, you should have them sealed. Once you go through this step, you can significantly decrease your workload when it comes to caring for your granite countertops.

Clean with Gentle Soap

You should not use chemical-laden products to clean your granite counters. While it is important to wipe up stains, you should not do it with a sponge. Stay away from Windex, vinegar, lemon lime, ammonia, or bleach. These strong cleaning solutions can actually wear down the sealant and leave your counters more susceptible to stains. When you clean your counters, you should use a mixture of warm water and gentle dish soap. Wipe them off with a washcloth or a microfiber cloth to keep the sealant working longer.

Be Careful with Heat and Sharp Objects

Taking Care of Your Granite Countertops Although granite counters can handle a lot of wear and tear in the kitchen, you should avoid situations that might change the look of the stone. Do not place hot pots or pans directly onto the countertop. Even though granite counters are very scratch-resistant, you should use a cutting board when working with knives to avoid any unnecessary marks or nicks.

Do Not Sit or Stand on the Counters

Stone counters like granite are hard, but they are not flexible. This means that it is difficult for them to hold your weight if you try to sit or stand on them. Sitting or standing on them might cause cracks that ruin their aesthetic appeal. With a little bit of attention, you can get the most use out of your granite kitchen countertops in Baltimore.