Tips for Choosing Bathroom Countertops

Remodeling your bathroom? Adding a beautiful countertop can give your new bathroom the perfect touch of sophistication and elegance. And considering the amount of visual real estate bathroom countertops take up, taking your time to choose the right bathroom counters or vanity tops will pay dividends later on. Here are some tips from a countertop supplier in Baltimore to help you choose the best countertops for your bathroom.

Bathroom Countertops

Set a Budget

Before you begin shopping for bathroom counters , set a realistic budget for your project. Granite countertops usually cost from $75 to $200 per linear foot, including installation. Quartz typically runs from $100 to $250, also including installation. You can contact a countertop supplier in Baltimore to receive an estimate for different materials to help you set your budget. If you are planning on installing your own bathroom countertops, be sure to include the price of installation materials in your budget.

Factor in Maintenance

How much time and energy do you want to spend maintaining your bathroom countertops? When looking at different counter materials, consider the maintenance requirements to help narrow down your selection. For example, while tile grout lines need regular maintenance and cleaning, non-porous quartz is easy to clean and doesn’t require sealing. Granite countertops are also easy to clean, but they need to be sealed every six months to a year.

Shop in Person

You can find some great deals on bathroom counters and vanity tops online, but the only way to know you are getting a quality product is to shop in person. And considering the subtle and minute characteristics of quartz and granite, shopping in person allows you to inspect each slab to find the one you love most. You will also benefit from professional guidance and advice while trying to determine which countertop material is right for your budget and needs.