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Design Tips for Master Bathrooms

When you are designing your master bathroom, consider the many features you will need to incorporate into your design. Cabinets, paint, decorative items, and bathroom countertops in Baltimore are the ...
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Kitchen Makeover: Tips for Matching Your Countertops and Cabinets

You may have the perfect kitchen makeover pictured in your head, along with a beautiful kitchen countertop, cabinets, and appliances. What happens if the fixtures don’t match each other, though? ...
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Should You Choose a Granite Vanity Top?

Selecting granite for your vanity tops near Baltimore will add a sense of richness and elegance to your bathroom. With its natural beauty and a broad variety of colors and patterns, granite remains ...
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Granite Counter Maintenance: Preventing Scratches, Stains, and Other Damage

When you are seeking new kitchen countertops that will provide your home with the ultimate in luxury and style, you may want to plan a new granite countertop installation. As one of the top kitchen ...
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Are Marble Countertops Right for Your Home?

Updating your kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop in Baltimore with marble is a great way to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. However, you may be wondering if marble ...
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Touring This Year's Most Popular Countertop Materials

Are you thinking of replacing your kitchen countertop near Baltimore ? When you choose to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is your new countertop ...
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Color Ideas for Granite Countertops

When you are doing a kitchen renovation, one of the best ways to improve your space is to add a granite countertop to it. Granite is a natural stone that is very durable, and it will make your kitchen ...
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Styling Your New Bathroom Countertop

Once upon a time, people didn’t put a whole lot of thought into which bathroom countertop they installed in their home. Bathroom countertops were often created using cheap materials that ...
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How to Clean Granite Countertops

Investing in a granite countertop is a great way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, but once you have one installed, you’ll need to keep it clean. Fortunately, taking care of a ...
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Choosing the Right Edge for Your Countertop

Before you purchase a new kitchen countertop, you should carefully consider what kind of stone you want it to be made out of and what color will complement the rest of the room. But you should also ...
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Keeping Your Granite Countertops Clean

If you love showing off your granite countertop in Baltimore, it is wise to do what you can to keep it in top condition. Regular maintenance can extend your granite kitchen countertop’s working ...
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The Homeowner's Guide to Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertops near Baltimore can make or break the look of your kitchen. Fortunately there are many materials available; from granite slabs to quartz countertops, it should not be difficult ...
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How Are Granite Countertops Made?

You may have seen a few beautiful examples of granite countertops in Baltimore, but you are probably unfamiliar with the processes they have gone through before becoming finished products. From ...
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Up Close with Granite and Quartz Countertops

Natural stone countertops can be great additions to the home, and they may be featured in your bathroom or your kitchen. If you are torn between a granite countertop and a quartz countertop near ...
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Quartz: The New Choice in Countertops

If you are looking to add a dash of elegance and style to your kitchen, you may want to look into a quartz countertop near Baltimore. Quartz countertops come with an array of advantages including ...
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Cleaning Grease Off of Granite Countertops

Your granite countertop in Baltimore may be the center of attraction and main focal point of your kitchen. If you want to keep your granite kitchen countertops looking like they do today, it is ...
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The Basics of Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Material

Your kitchen countertop near Baltimore is an integral part of your kitchen design. You might use your countertop to prepare food, serve food, and support countertop appliances. There are many ...
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How to Get New Countertops

When you work with a reputable countertop installation company in Baltimore, getting new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom is a quick, easy, and surprisingly enjoyable experience. The process ...
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Granite Countertops: Advice for Homeowners

If you’re going for an ultra-luxurious look in your home, you can’t go wrong with granite countertops in your kitchen and bathroom. Not only are granite countertops breathtakingly ...
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Considering Your Countertop Options

If your kitchen is more than a decade old, it may be time for facelift. One of the best ways to transform the look and feel of your kitchen is by replacing your old, worn out countertops. There are ...
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Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Whether you’re thinking about completely remodeling your bathroom or just want to give your personal space a more upscale and luxurious feel, a new vanity is one of the best investments you can ...
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Keeping Granite Tiles Clean

Granite tiles are very durable, but they aren’t completely maintenance-free. In addition to re-applying sealant once a year to protect the stone and its glossy shine, you should perform daily ...
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Quartz Countertops: Are They the Right Choice for You?

There are plenty of stylish decisions to make when remodeling or renovating your kitchen. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make, at least in regards to the look and feel of ...
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What Materials Should You Choose for Your Bathroom Vanity?

There are numerous materials to choose from when it comes to bathroom countertops and vanity tops. If you are renovating an old vanity, a new stone top can give your entire bathroom an updated look ...
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Simple Strategies for Maintaining Granite Countertops

When it comes to luxurious and durable countertops, nothing beats granite. Granite is formed after millennia of heat and pressure, which gives this natural stone its unique appearance and incredible ...
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